6YE’s New Heated Silicone Sex Doll Heads – Want a Taste?

Product Highlights:

After Realistic oral structure (ROS) and automatic oral functionality, heated sex doll heads are the next hot topic in the industry.

6YE now has four silicone sex doll heads with a heating feature. Fancy a hot mouth experience? Let’s give it a test run together.

Product Demonstration:

Equipped with a Type C charging port, a red light comes on while charging. After a 30-minute charge, the temperature starts rising. The further you go inside the mouth, the hotter it gets, so be careful – it might get a bit too hot to handle. A single charge lasts up to 3 hours. And for the oral enthusiasts out there, the temperature will naturally stay comfortable during use, thanks to the heat from friction.


With this heating function, 6YE literally has the hottest heads in the market. Oral enthusiasts will appreciate the warm oral experience. The warmth even spreads to the lips, which is a plus for kiss lovers.

When paired with ROS, the realistic feel during oral use is greatly enhanced. The design mimics a real human’s oral cavity in appearance and shape, with a depth of 16cm, so you can simulate deep throat. It even reproduces the tight, constricted feel of a real human’s throat.

Speaking personally, I’m a massive fan of real mouth action, but not so much of ROS. The problem lies in the softness. As you know, real mouths are incredibly soft, almost to the point of being unnoticeable. They’re also moist and warm. But ROS silicone heads can’t quite match the softness of a real mouth, except for the teeth. The lips are somewhat soft silicone, the teeth are soft silicone too, the tongue and the roof of the mouth are very soft, the uvula is the softest, and the deepest part is as soft as the roof of the mouth. But this still falls short compared to the softness of a real mouth.

Appreciating the Sculpture:

During my visit to 6YE in August 2022, they did not yet have a silicone doll production line, and they are still sticking to their classic Western-style TPE dolls. Their exploration in silicone dolls is quite slow, with only a few new silicone doll heads and images available. But when I unboxed a 6YE silicone head, I was truly taken aback.

The lashes and brows feature industry-standard implantation techniques, and the eyeballs are movable. The rotation feels slightly stiff and not as silky as the industry’s best. The coloring on 6YE is above industry standard, with a sun-kissed complexion accented with tiny pink dots for a real skin feel. The eye makeup is smokey, popular with Western customers. The lip shape is one of my favorites, especially the juicy look of the lower lip.

Last but not least, the head design deserves praise. The lips, for instance, have realistic texture. To make oral use easier, both the upper and lower lips are distinct on the outside and inside. The outer layer is more realistic, while the inner layer is smoother and tenderer, facilitating easy entry.

The cheeks feature prominent lines that make the face even prettier.

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4 thoughts on “6YE’s New Heated Silicone Sex Doll Heads – Want a Taste?

  1. Al says:

    Where are these heated silicone (not TPE) available from? Nothing gives the sellers info just manufacturer.

    • Coeros says:

      Any seller that offers 6YE products should be able to provide this item. You can inquire with customer service on a website you trust. If you’re only interested in the head, our website also offers 6YE’s heated head products. By the way, many manufacturers now offer heated silicone heads, such as Angel Kiss and so on. Thank you for your comment and for supporting Coeros. I hope this helps.

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