Sex Doll Washing / Drying 101

Everything you need to know about keeping your Sex Doll Clean and Dry!

A clean sex doll is such a refreshing sight to see and to hold in one’s arms. Image courtesy of Medical News Today.

Products to Get the Job Done


Sex dolls should be cleaned after every sexual interaction and on a routine basis, to keep them in the best possible sanitary condition.  Unclean orifices (vaginal, anal, oral) can cause a buildup of mold, mildew, harmful bacteria, and emit foul odors from bodily fluids left inside.  Today’s article provides a plentiful list of products for use in thoroughly cleaning and drying your sex doll.  I have taken the time to provide the links to the product themselves on Coeros’ website for thorough instructions on use, which are highlighted in blue text.  

Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

This USB powered water pump is useful for a thorough and faster clean.  You will need two buckets, one for the water to be pumped inside the vaginal, or anal cavity, and a second one to collect the drainage.  You may also do an initial cleanse with a soapy water mixture and then follow with a rinse session using the Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Kit.  A YouTube usage tutorial video is provided below.

Coeros Vaginal Shower Douche / Enema Nozzle

The Coeros Vaginal Shower Douche / Enema Nozzle

This wonderful device can be connected to a traditional sized faucet outlet (15/16 or 55/64 inches) via a 15mm or 22mm water inlet.  The Coeros Vaginal Shower Douche / Enema Nozzle cleaning system is strictly water powered, so it is advised that you begin with the lightest water pressure and slowly build up, careful to not use too much water pressure.  Too much water pressure can damage your sex doll’s vaginal and anal orifices, through dislodging the TPE ball, or causing the cavity itself to tear.  

This wonderful device can be used with your sex doll placed on a medical chair in the shower, or as they are sitting in the Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair with the water collection basin installed.  For the braver souls out there, you can place your sex doll on their back at the edge of the bed, a towel under the buttocks, and a drip bucket on the floor to catch the water run-off.

Coeros Vaginal Cleaning Douche

The Coeros Vaginal Cleaning Douche is a one hundred percent manually operated way to clean out your sex doll’s vaginal and anal orifices.  I have attached a tutorial video below, which also utilizes the Coeros Quick Drying Absorbent Sticks and the Coeros Sopping Up Towel – 10 pack.  As you can see in the video tutorial, this product can also be used with the Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair.  

Coeros Cleaning Spray Bottle

Coeros Cleansing Spray Bottles

There are three different sized spray bottles (180mL, 350mL, 500mL) to choose from, based on your sex doll cleaning needs.  These can be filled with a soapy water mixture, as well as plain water for manual cleaning and rinsing of your sex doll from head to toe.  Choose the appropriate setting (Direct – Stream, or Diffuse – Spray) when cleaning your sex doll and turn the nozzle to the No Spray – Off setting when not in use.  

The Coeros Cleaning Spray Bottle can also be used to mist oil onto your TPE dolls, using the Diffuse – Spray nozzle setting.

Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair

The Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair

Transporting and cleaning your sex doll is a breeze with the Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair.  Wheel your sex doll into your bathroom, or into the shower for cleaning, and then back to bed, instead of having to carry them, which puts strain on your back, legs, and knees.  The Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair comes with a removable padded seat center to reveal a drainage basin below.  You must have the padded seat center in place when transporting your sex doll.  It should only be removed during cleaning.

WM Intelligent Cleaning Kit

WM Dolls (Jinsan) created the WM Intelligent Cleaning Kit a few years ago, releasing it to buyers just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Not only does this clever device clean and rinse your sex doll, but it dries and sanitizes the vaginal and anal orifices with UV lighting.  As with the Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Kit, two buckets are needed, one with the soapy cleaning mixture, or plain water, and the other to collect the drainage.


A blue plastic bucket with a metal handle to hold plain water, a soapy water mixture, or to be utilized as a drainage bucket during your sex doll’s cleaning ritual.  Image courtesy of Google.

An everyday, plastic household bucket will work just fine, you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on them.  I recommend having two, especially if you use the Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Kit, or the WM Intelligent Cleaning Kit.  If you prefer the manual approach, then you really only need one.  You can find them literally anywhere, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, or any place that sells hardware and cleaning supplies.  

Soft Sponge

A large, ultra-soft / non-abrasive bath sponge is a great way to intimately give your sex doll a sponge bath.  Image courtesy of Foam Star CN /

These delightful ultra-soft, large sponges can be found anywhere you purchase bath and skin products.  They are non-abrasive, so they will not microtear or scratch your sex doll’s delicate skin, as you give them a delightful and intimate sponge bath.  While the above stock photo shows a rainbow assortment of colors, it is recommended to use a neutral or light-colored bath sponge so that the color dye will not stain the skin of a TPE sex doll.  

Soft Washcloth

A soft cotton, or microfiber washcloth is a great alternative to a bath sponge while sponge bathing your sex doll.  Image Courtesy of AmazonBasics /

Neutral colored cotton or microfiber washcloths are a good alternative to a bath sponge.  AmazonBasics has a 12 pack, so that you have plenty on hand to clean your sex doll.  Their smaller size allows you to get in the harder to reach places that a sponge may not be able to reach.  They can be used during a sponge bath, or in the shower for all-over-body cleansing.  You can purchase them here.

Waterproof Liner

Sexual health products manufacturers are beginning to market waterproof sex sheets, which provide adequate protection during a sex doll sponge bath.  Image courtesy of Adult DVD Empire /

Getting a sex doll into the bathroom, or a shower, can be a daunting task.  Sex dolls are heavy and improper lifting techniques can harm your back, legs, and knees.  Constant, or over-lifting can also do the same.  Some people prefer to bathe their dolls in bed, on the couch, or on a long, rectangular folding table.  A waterproof sex sheet / bed sheet is an excellent alternative to a waterproof shower curtain liner to accomplish this task.  Plus, you can also use it during actual sex with your sex doll, to keep your bedsheets protected from bodily fluids and water-based lubricants.  You can find a PVC waterproof sheet on Amazon – Sex and Sensuality.


Coeros Quick Drying Absorbent Sticks

The Coeros Quick Drying Absorbent Stick

Coeros Quick Drying Absorbent Sticks are one of the more popular drying products for vaginal, anal, and oral orifices.  Simple to use, simply insert the stick fully inside the orifice of choice and the diatomaceous earth will absorb the fluids inside the cavity.  

Coeros Microfiber Drying Towel

The Coeros Microfiber Drying Towel

Microfiber towels are incredibly absorbent and soft enough to not cause microtears or other tears to a TPE sex doll’s skin.  They are the size of a traditional bath towel, so the coverage area is adequate.  It is recommended to pat your sex doll dry, not rub, to eliminate the chance of microtears and regular tears from being abrasive.

Coeros Sex Doll Vaginal Dryer

The Coeros Sex Doll Vaginal Dryer

Ok, I have to admit, the Coeros Sex Doll Vaginal Dryer is highly innovative.  It reminds me of one of the fancy Dyson hairdryers, but only this is for your sex doll’s vaginal and anal orifices.  The adjustable blower speeds are a nice touch, depending on how wet the orifices are inside, providing a quick and thorough drying process.  The slim blower nozzle allows for easy insertion and removal.

Coeros Vagina Cleaning Compact Tampons

The Coeros Vagina Cleaning Compact Tampons

Tampons are another popular drying choice among sex doll owners.  Simply insert the plunger into the orifice of choice, dispense the tampon into the orifice with the plunger on the end, leaving the removal string outside of the orifice, then pull the removal string slowly for removal.  Tampons are highly absorbent, as they were made to absorb menstrual fluids completely and discreetly, by pulling fluids into the tightly packed cotton of the product.  

Coeros Sopping Up Cleaning Towel – 10 pack

The Coeros Sopping Up Towels

Each sopping up towel measures 35 x 70 cm, but you can cut and trim them to a smaller, more desirable size to clean inside your sex doll’s orifices.  These work well in conjunction with the Sex Doll Cleaning Forceps, for cleaning and for drying out the vaginal, anal, and oral orifices.  These towels are highly absorbent and will not leave any moisture inside your sex doll’s orifices or on the body surface.  A light dab in your sex doll’s orifice, or light patting on the body’s surface is the best way to utilize this product.

Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Forceps

The Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Forceps

It is often difficult to fully reach inside your sex doll’s orifices with your hands, and by doing so increases the risk of the orifice itself tearing.  Forceps are a great way to get all the way inside your sex doll’s vagina, anus, or mouth without damaging them.  Pinch an absorbent cloth between the teeth and secure the hold with the locking jaws in between the thumb holds.

Aquarium Pump

Pulaco makes an easy-to-use aquarium pump to dry out your sex doll’s orifices. Image courtesy of PULACO /

An aquarium pump is another inexpensive and simple tool to dry out your sex doll’s orifices. Attach the hose to the electric pump hose inlet, insert into the sex doll cavity of your choice, plug into the wall electrical outlet, and start drying. The aquarium pumps do not have timers on them, as they are made to run continuously, therefore it is recommended to occasionally check the level of dryness/moisture inside your sex doll’s orifice throughout the drying process, until completely dry.

Ready, Set, Go!

This green light is your signal that it is time to clean and dry your sex doll.  Image courtesy of Martyn Goddard /

Ok, so now that you (hopefully) have everything you need, it’s time to start getting ready to clean your sex doll.  But first, preparation is key, and by that, I mean preparing the actual area that you are going to be bathing and drying your sex doll in.  

Preparing the area

Shower?  Cleaning chair?  Flat surface?  Where, oh where will you clean your sex doll?  

The shower is easy to prepare, because you already have everything you need there, except for your sex doll.  For all-over-body cleaning, I recommend installing a handheld shower head, so that you can move it all around the body for adequate pre-soak and rinsing.  

Don’t forget to place your medical shower chair close enough to the shower faucet and head.  If you are using the Coeros Cleaning and Moving Chair, and you have a walk-in shower, all you need to do at that point is wheel your sex doll right in.

If you will have your sex doll standing, make sure you put the non-slip bath/shower mat on the shower floor before you bring your sex doll into the shower.  Even better if you have a hard point installed on your shower ceiling and a chain with a hook on both ends to provide the third point of contact / suspension while they stand in the shower.

For those using the flat surface option, be sure to place a waterproof shower curtain liner, or sex sheet over the surface before you lie your sex doll down.  

Install the Coeros Sex Doll Cleaning Kit or the Coeros Vaginal Shower Douche / Enema Nozzle to your faucet of choice.  Prepare your soapy water mixture in a bucket, the Coeros Cleaning Spray Bottles, or in the Coeros Vaginal Cleansing Douche.  Make sure you have your drainage bucket ready for the products that require them if you are going to use them.  

Grab your ultra-soft sponges, or soft cotton / microfiber washcloths.

Do you have your drying products nearby?  If not, go get them!  Just remember to keep the Coeros Sex Doll Vaginal Dryer and the aquarium pump away from the wet stuff.  

Am I forgetting anything?  No?  Ok, time to get bathing!    

Bath Time

Begin pumping the manual cleaning devices, turn on the faucet, or the pump to your cleaning devices and begin the cleansing ritual.  Make sure to keep an eye on the drainage basins and buckets.  Lather up the bath sponges, or soft washcloths and get to rubbing all over your sexy sex doll’s gorgeous body.  

Don’t forget to rinse out the soapy water cleansing bottles and buckets, replacing their contents with clean, clear rinsing water.  Time to rinse!  Rinse adequately, don’t leave any soapy residue behind that can peel and flake, or even dry out your sex doll.  Rinse until the water runs clear and no suds form.  

Drying Off

Now that your sex doll is fresh and clean, it’s time to give them an adequate dry session.  Image courtesy of Freepik /

Grab those towels, absorbent sticks, tampons, and air dryers!  Your sex doll is pristine clean and is now ready for their thorough, but gentle drying session.  Remember to gently blot and pat the surface of the body and to gradually increase the blowing power, but not too much, with the air dryer.  Also, don’t forget to remove the absorbent sticks and tampons before your next sex session!

After Cleaning

Don’t forget the importance of cleaning up the area after your sex doll is clean and dry.  Image courtesy of Pluspng /

All clean and dry; ready to get back to the couch or bed.  Your sex doll is feeling lovely to the touch and smelling wonderfully clean.  A light powder on a silicone sex doll, most definitely on a TPE sex doll is your next step, before cleaning the bathing/drying area and putting away your tools and products that you used for your sex doll’s bath/spa day.  

Do you have a special bin, or caddy that you place your sex doll’s cleaning and drying products in?  Where do you store the products?  Electrical items must be stored away from water sources, and it is best to store your other cleaning and drying items in dry, non-humid areas, to keep them in good condition for many more usages.  

So, fold up the cleaning and moving chair, put away the nozzles, pumps, tampons, towels, etc.  Your job today is done and it’s time to enjoy your lovely sex doll once again.


*Disclaimer* Please follow all instructions on your sex doll cleaning and drying products to avoid the risk of damage, breakdown, injury, and death.


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