Azur Lane’s Taihou Life-Size Sex Doll Review! Game Characters as Sex Dolls. Ideal or Illegal?

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If you think “sex dolls” are only toys for the kinky, you might be surprised that the player might just be you.

Welcome back to the Coeros channel, I’m Marvel. Today we’re stepping into the Arcade, where dolls take center stage. I will introduce several ways to gamify your life-size dolls, and briefly review a new doll inspired by the character Taihou from “Azur Lane”.

1st Way of Gamifying Your Companion Doll is Cosplay

Cosplay is practically an innate talent for life-size dolls. With human-like dimensions compared to BJD dolls and figures, they have an unrivaled presence. You can dress her up like a real person, give her a profession, an identity, a mission.

静野咲良,a Chinese doll photographer, had his Bezlya doll cosplay Yae Miko, a character from the game “Genshin Impact”.

He also cosplays the Toki Bunny Girl, a character from the RPG Blue Archive with a Bezlya Doll.

Note: If you purchased a doll, her promotional image doesn’t resemble a game character, but you whimsically bought her an officially licensed in-game costume, then congratulations! This is pretty much the only legal way to gamify your sex doll.


What I’m about to talk about involves complex legal issues concerning game copyrights, character image rights, etc. As an observer, I’m here to present all the current options for gamifying sex dolls, but this does not mean Coeros supports such business practices.

For instance, our new doll brand for today’s review:


Her design was inspired by Taihou from “Azur Lane”. Some websites would alter her name to Taiho, or Phoenix (the English translation of Taihou), these are common tricks to differentiate from the original character’s copyright.

I’ve dressed her up in a costume similar to the one in the game, especially the stockings and high heels, combined with the cute and beautiful head sculpt from QQDoll, the overall cosplay effect is pretty impressive. Her red eyes are quite mesmerizing.

Another brand known for cosplay game characters is FunwestDoll.

FunwestDoll has a fantastic photographer, and their anime series are all game-inspired dolls. You can absolutely tell what game by just appreciating their pictures. Like FunwestDoll 2077. You know what they are referring to.

Character: Rebecca


Photographer: DAZELEE

Brand: FunwestDoll

Character: Jinx

Game: League of Legends

Photographer: DAZELEE

Brand: FunwestDoll

Character: Power

Manga: Chainsaw Man

Photographer: DAZELEE

Brand: Funwestdoll

The second way to gamify your companion doll is Customization.

Customized love dolls mean that doll brands and vendors will help you tailor-make the character you have in mind, based on the pictures you provide. The cost of customization for a whole life-size doll typically starts at $6000 and can easily exceed $10,000.

For example:

Autome, a company dedicated to producing adult dolls in the anime style.

Half of Autome’s orders are custom-made, and their makeup artists’ skills are incredibly superb, offering you a more diverse and free range of options. Since their customization only involves the doll’s head, the total cost of the doll won’t be too high, roughly around $1500.

I’d like  to share one of the most touching stories I heard last year from the Autome factory. The owner of Autome is himself a big Otaku. He’s a perfectionist who only wants to create great products that more people can enjoy. One of his customers, also an Otaku, was severely depressed. He told the owner of Autome that if it wasn’t for Autome’s dolls, he might not be in this world anymore. He couldn’t believe that someone could make an anime doll so well. The look in the owner’s eyes when he shared this story was truly moving.

When it comes to customization, compared to Autome which creates many cute, heartwarming anime dolls, many doll fans have rather unique tastes.

For example, WMDoll’s custom doll from LoL: Poppy.

You might think it doesn’t look like her.

That’s because well-reputed doll brands like WMDoll have a strategy for dealing with potential copyright risks in customizations. They generally keep the likeness within a certain degree, say 50%.

For those who want 100% fidelity in their custom doll, there are still factories out there willing to take the risk. And if you just happen to want a popular game character, you might not even need to customize, such as Tifa Lockhart.

The third way is the boldest way to gamify your companion doll: Just do it.

Game Lady Doll, a brand focused on creating fully accurate game character silicone dolls.

Tifa, Aerith, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Ciri, Yennefer, Triss, and many more game characters. Game Lady Doll almost perfectly recreates them as life-sized dolls. Each new release is a celebration for the original game fans. On Reddit’s gamer forums and The Doll Forum, there’s always heated discussion about each Game Lady Doll, and calls and predictions for the next game character are endless.

There are even more examples of game characters being made into adult dolls!


Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters


Paimon from the Genshin Impact

Melina from the Elden Ring

LSPDoll: All these DOA characters.

You might ask:

Are there any intellectual property issues? Don’t these doll brands worry about that?

My answer is, of course, there are.

I want to stress again: I’m just presenting the choices you have at this moment. I do not endorse all these business practices.

So, those are the three ways to gamify a sex doll. Do you have a favorite game character that you’d love to have as a real-life doll? Is it a gamer’s dream come true? An illegal transaction? Or perhaps both. How do you personally view this matter? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

You know, one of my motivations for starting this channel is to debunk the various stigmas surrounding doll owners. I want more people to understand that many doll buyers are just ordinary people, like you and me.

But you need to know, the name itself is obviously controversial. In this politically correct world, “sex dolls” don’t necessarily represent the needs of many people who live with their dolls.

That wraps up this episode, I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you for watching and for your support of Coeros. I’m Marvel, see you next.

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