The Best Ways to Store and Display Your Sex Doll

The ultimate in discreet sex doll storage, the Sex Doll Storage case is perfect for storing your sex doll without anyone knowing you have a sex doll.

With so many options to choose from, you can store your sex doll discreetly and display them safely.

The Need to Store a Sex Doll

Visitors in Your Home

If you have visitors in your home, keep your sex doll out of view. Image from

This will not apply to those who are single, live alone, or are non-social. But for the rest of us, you might want to take heed to the importance of storing your sex doll while there are visitors in your home. Not everyone is accustomed to or will accept sex dolls, so discretion is advised. Thus, if you are one of the lucky few who are fortunate enough to have people who accept your sex dolls come into your home, then consider yourself extremely lucky or blessed. This is an incredibly rare exception. The very fact that there is a sex doll in your home, whether or not you use him or her for sex, creates the necessity that they should be put out of view, especially around any young children and all minors that may enter your dwelling. You may ask yourself, “What if I have them fully dressed?” Should you have a male sex doll, you may also be wondering, “What if I have them out and fully dressed without their penis attachments?” I speak from personal experience that even with those precautions, it is still not a good idea. To those who adamantly state: “It is my home and if people want to come over, they need to accept that my sex doll is out.” Fair point, but if you have this mentality, expect for your visitors to no longer want to come into your home. Sex dolls make most people uncomfortable. The fact is, it is still a sex doll, whether in your home or not, and people are still awkward when it comes to sex.

Regular Household Members and Family

You wouldn’t want your spouse, kids, parents, or other family members accidentally stumbling across your sex doll in your home. Image from

Do you have a spouse, significant other, roommate(s) or perhaps even your own kids in your home? Maybe you live with your parents? If you live with others, whether or not you are the main breadwinner or even a financial contributor in the home, it is still advised to take caution if you have a sex doll in the home. Your spouse/significant other/roommate(s) may be ok with you having one, but most likely a parent won’t, and sex dolls should be kept out of view of minors. You do not want to create a hostile living environment, especially if a romantic partner is not approving of, or does not know of the presence of a sex doll in the home. That is just a ticking time bomb ready to blow. Abort mission! Store your sex doll! I repeat: STORE YOUR SEX DOLL!

Too many times have I read the unfortunate tales of wives finding their husband’s sex dolls and completely destroying them, throwing them out, or demanding their husbands to throw them out. These jealous women have also extended punishment to their husbands through various mind games all the way to divorce. There have also been tales of once trusted roommates who break boundaries and wind up by having sex with the sex doll that does not belong to them, creating distrust and resentment between the roommates, often destroying friendships in the process. Again, store your sex doll.

The Importance of Being Discreet

People are Nosey

People have a natural tendency to snoop around, so make sure your sex doll is securely stored so it will not be discovered by a nosy visitor. Image from

It is human nature to be curious, and some people take that to the extreme in being nosey. It’s not right, but it happens. People cross boundaries all the time! Women and some men LOVE to gossip, and if they can find anything about someone that can put them in a negative spotlight, for the sake of conversation, or to make themselves feel better about their own “skeletons in the closet”, they are going to talk. Gossip is like wildfire; it spreads fast and creates catastrophic damage. Gossip regarding having a sex doll in your home can cost one dearly: it can cost them their family, their reputation, social status and even their employment.

You are Entitled to Privacy

Privacy is important in all aspects, but especially when sex dolls in the home are involved. Image from

Set boundaries! Boundaries are necessary in all parts of life, and it is one of the most difficult things to do. People disrespect boundaries all the time. Yet still, set them anyway and constantly reinforce them. You are entitled to privacy when it comes to your sex life and when it comes to your sex doll. Keep your sex doll safely and discreetly locked away from wandering eyes. I cannot reiterate this enough. Repetition is key to remembrance.

Social Stigmas

It looks like this woman disapproves of sex dolls because of the social stigma circulating that sex dolls are taboo and inappropriate. Image from Storyblocks Video

Every sex doll owner and lover know the harsh reality of this all too well. The stigma surrounding the sex doll community is that we are sick, perverted, deviants. The rumors state that sex doll owners and lovers cannot get, or keep a partner, possibly cannot treat a partner right and are labeled failures in the relationship sector. That is why we must have sex dolls right? WRONG! Many of us are regular, respectable everyday people, leading normal lives. However, until society’s view changes of the sex doll community, we have to endure, or perhaps ignore and still be cautious to this unfair and unjust, cruel label put upon us.

Safety Measures

Fall Risk

Inadequately supported sex dolls pose a great fall risk; be sure to store them with the best support possible. Image from

Many sex dolls have what is called a standing feet option, which is three extendable bolts protruding from the bottom of the feet, which allow the sex doll to stand upright, leaning against a third point of contact, such as a wall.  The higher-end, or luxury sex dolls come with ring bolts protruding from their neck and can be placed on a metal stand with a utility hook to secure them in place.  TPE sex dolls come with ring hooks and an s-shaped hook as to when the head is removed, they can be stored in a standing position on the clothing bar in a closet where clothes are typically hung.  Coeros has their own Sex Doll Hanging Hook Kit and One Piece Hanging Hook.  You also may want to look at their Sex Doll Suspension Kit and the High Quality Sex Doll Suspension Kit.

Coeros High Quality Sex Doll Suspension Kit

The fall risk still remains, so if you store your sex doll in the standing position, make sure they are secure and, in the event, they do fall, they will not fall into anything that could damage them, or become damaged themselves.  

Ways to Store Your Sex Doll

Coeros Sex Doll Storage Case / Flight Case

Coeros Sex Doll Storage Case

The Coeros Sex Doll Storage Case is a wonderfully discreet way to safely store and hide your sex doll.  All you need to do is provide Coeros with your sex doll’s height measurements and they will advise you on the best case for your doll.  These cases look just like the flight cases that musicians use to store and transport their expensive musical equipment so if you have it in a social area of your home, no one is going to think twice about it.  It can also be identified as a large storage trunk.  The storage cases can be locked with a padlock to keep people from gaining access to your sex doll.

Coeros Sex Doll Storage Couch / Sofa

Coeros Sex Doll Storage Couch / Sofa in black

Coeros’ Sex Doll Storage Couch/Sofa is a great way to store your sex doll while enhancing your home dĂ©cor.  On the outside, it appears to be a storage ottoman, or a padded bench, so not only will it keep your sex doll out of view from prying eyes, but you can also sit on it as a normal piece of furniture.  It is also able to be locked, which is an extra bonus and safety precaution measure.  Coeros also asks that you provide your sex doll’s height and width measurements, preferably without the head, so they can advise you on the best size Sex Doll Storage Couch / Sofa for your sex doll.  

Original Shipping Box / Crate

A standard insulated cardboard sex doll shipping box. Image from

When you order your sex doll through a vendor, or the manufacturer directly, the manufacturer ships him or her to you in a sturdy, load bearing, insulated cardboard shipping container. RealDoll ships all of their sex dolls in specialized and insulated wooden storage crates and long-time members of the doll community strongly suggest that you keep the original shipping box or crate, for if you will need a quick way to hide your sex doll, or in the event you want to resell him or her and need to ship them to their new home.

Under the Bed Storage

This under-the-bed storage allows the frame under the mattress to be lifted to access the large storage space beneath the frame. Image from

Some bedframes are elevated enough to where a shipping box, or a wheel board rolling trolley can safely clear the bottom of the frame.  There are also beds with built-in storage underneath the entire bedframe, where the frame itself lifts up to reveal spacious and enclosed storage underneath.  Make sure to put a thick blanket over the sex doll if you utilize a wheel board rolling trolley, or if you lay them on a different type of open flat surface that can easily be slid under the bed.  It is vital to make sure that when your sex doll is being stored on their back, that adequate padding, such as memory foam pads, is placed underneath the sex doll to avoid flattening of the buttocks.  You also want to store them in a way that any liquids that come in contact with the floor and slow under the bed do not come in contact with your sex doll and that they are protected from dust, lint, and other forms of dander.

For added protection, Coeros offers the Sex Doll Storage Bag to keep your sex doll protected even further from dirt, dust, lint, water, etc.   

Custom Furniture

A cedar storage chest is one custom furniture sex doll storage solution that is ultimately discreet. Image from

There are some very creative souls in the doll community who have made custom doll storage furniture.  Wardrobe closets and long storage benches are the most common that I have come across in the doll community.  I myself, have thought of getting an antique long dresser to turn into a storage for my two TPE male sex dolls.

The wardrobe closets have a suspension bar near the top where a sex doll with a removable head can be suspended safely on the bar and there is usually a shelf above that, or shelves to one side where the head, additional heads and wigs can be stored.  If the sex doll does not have a removable head, but has a neck bolt, a hard point can be placed parallel to the neck on the back of the cabinet along with a utility hook for storage.  Or, when the doll does not have a removable head, but has the standing feet option, the sex doll can stand against a third point of contact (usually the back wall of the cabinet) with adequate padding in place to protect from compression marks.  In the event the wardrobe has built-in drawers under the main cabinet, the various accessories, clothes, and maintenance items can be stored there discreetly.  It is advised to also have some kind of locking mechanism on the wardrobe doors to keep people out, especially those whom you don’t want to discover your sex doll.

The long storage benches are built with insulated padding to protect the flat lying sex doll and it is usually only the sex doll itself that can be stored within.  They do not have to be like the Coeros’ Sex Doll Storage Couch / Sofa; they can have the exterior built from beautiful hardwoods, such as mahogany, walnut, maple, etc.  Wigs, extra heads, clothes, accessories, and maintenance items are usually stored discreetly in other places.  The-Doll-House-San-Antonio has partnered with a fellow sex doll lover who builds custom storage benches for sex doll storage.  Again, a locking mechanism is highly recommended.  

Sex Doll Display Options

High Quality Sex Doll Stand

Coeros High Quality Sex Doll Stand

Coeros offers two different types of Sex Doll Stands: the High Quality Sex Doll Stand and the Dual Function Sex Doll Stand.  The High Quality Sex Doll Stand allows the sex doll to stand adequate and discreetly supported via a saddle that the sex doll’s crotch gently rests on.  It has a rounded and sturdy metal base / foot plate for the sex doll to rest their feet on while the adjustable height pole can be moved up and down and secured with adjustment screws for a proper height fit for the sex doll.  The sex doll stand options are additionally beneficial as other options for standing sex doll storage.  

Dual Function Sex Doll Stand

Coeros Dual Function Sex Doll Stands


Coeros Dual Function Sex Doll Stands

The second type of sex doll stand that Coeros offers is the Dual Function Sex Doll Stand. This particular stand comes with two options:  A rounded base with the saddle crotch support, or a rectangular base with back / underarm support saddle and a belt.  The back / underarm support saddle and belt allow more discreet support that proves favorable for photo shoots while still providing adequate support.  The restraining belt is recommended for heavier / larger sex dolls as additional stabilization.  The additional advantage of the Dual Function Sex Doll Stand is that you have a different standing support option other than the standard crotch support.  

Sex Doll Head Stand

Coeros Sex Doll Head Stand

For those who need a stable support while storing their sex doll head while removed from the body, the Sex Doll Head Stand from Coeros is a simple and excellent alternative than suspending upside-down on a suspension rod with a question mark shaped hook and bolt.  This head stand allows your sex doll’s head to remain upright while sitting on a shelf and also works well for makeup applications and hair styling.  The Sex Doll Head Stand even occupies minimal space so you can also store your sex doll’s clothes, makeup, wigs, and other accessories right along with the head.  

White Sex Doll Head Stand

White Sex Doll Head Stand

The White Sex Doll Head Stand is a more elegant and professional form of storage for your sex doll head.  The bell-shaped base that gradually flares out from the top of the stand is more visually appealing for storage while also providing the ultimate support and stabilization for your sex doll’s head.  The White Sex Doll Head Stand is understandably visually appealing for photo shoots that feature your sex doll’s head and like the Sex Doll Head Stand, it does not take up a lot of space.


As you can see, there is no shortage of creative sex doll storage ideas, so do your research to find out the best sex doll storage option for you and your doll.

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