About Coeros

Founded by 3 sex dolls enthusiast, our original mission was to bring excitement and happiness into people’s lives by selling high-quality sex doll related products. Since then, we have quickly grown into a full-service company providing a wide selection of sex doll accessories and offering customizable services. We have now successfully positioned ourselves as a leader within the sex doll space, capable of satisfying the needs of the most hard-core sex doll lovers such as ourselves!

Why Did We Create Coeros?

We noticed people, whether they were a sex doll amateur or veteran, always had similar questions and problems:

  • Where / How to buy clothes for a sex doll?
  • How to dress up a sex doll?
  • How to clean and take care a sex doll?
  • How to use make-up on a sex doll?
  • How to lift a sex doll safely?
  • How to store a sex doll?
  • ….

Most questions were left unanswered requiring doll owners to go on a scavenger hunt trying to seek out information. To make things worse, quality related issues and questions were always hard to resolve and finding guidance was near impossible. 

That is why we created Coeros! To offer quality products and easy to understand solutions on everything doll related. We have you covered! 



Bring Your Sex Doll To Life!

OUR Mission

Coeros is dedicated to delivering the best sex doll related products to help customers achieve their full potentials in sexual life.

We sincerely appreciate all our users, they are important on the road of Coeros’s growth. In some sense, it is not that we alone created Coeros, but Coeros itself has slowly grown up with its users.

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We are looking for talented individuals who share our mission and passion and willing help develop our revolutionary sex doll platform.

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