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AF505 (TDF Member)

The case looks exactly as pictured. It is sturdy, and arrived without defect.Love the wheels too. The foam inside is very sturdy and well-fitting as well. Nothing about the case feels cheap. I also ordered several other small cleaning items and they came well-wrapped in excellent condition. Fast shipping – couple weeks – oneImage[/img][/img] pleased customer here in the states.

Doll-I-Am (TDF Member)

Used it a few times over the weekend and HOLY CRAP does this make cleaning a breeze and a lot less messy. The main unit and most important part works flawlessly but I see Coeros still refunded me $10 even though I said it wouldn’t be necessary if the main part worked. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service!

Back to the irrigator, my old method was to use the irrigator that came with it and a bunch of towels where the water would fall. Buckets/basins wouldn’t work because the water didn’t fall out evenly and ran down her legs a lot. As you can imagine this was messy and a hassle. The Coeros cleaner eliminates all that and as you see in the video everything stays dry. Even when taking the device out there’s no left over water, which is amazing. It cleans the orifices WAAAY more than the irrigator ever could.

The Coeros cleaner is well worth the asking price imo. I’d get the dryer as well if I didn’t have something similar already. Don’t break your back or risk exposing it to mold carrying your doll to the shower or deal with tons of messy towels, make your doll experience so much easier by getting this thing!!

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