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How to use the APP?

Ultimate Guide to Using the Coeros Sex Doll AI Speaker with Hello Chat Integration

First, download the ‘Hello Chat – Voice Assistant’ software.

1.If you have an iPhone, just download the app Hello Chat – Voice Assistant at the App Store.

2.If you have an Android phone, we will provide you with a ‘Hello Chat’ software installation package.

Our software requires permissions for the microphone, voice recognition, and cellular data in order to function properly.

Second, log in to your account.

After buying our Coeros Sex Doll AI Speaker, we’ll send you an account. In the app’s settings, long-press the account field, paste the new details, and you’re logged in.

Then close the APP and reopen it.

The wake word for the conversation is “hello chat” or press the ‘Voice’ button.

Third, connect your phone to the speaker using Bluetooth.

Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Press and hold the speaker button to power it on. In Bluetooth, you’ll see a device named ‘Coeros’. Pair with it. This way, your phone and speaker are successfully connected. The speaker has both sound pick-up and playback capabilities, giving your doll a soul.

Fourth, start the conversation.

Choose a character based on your preference. We offer 6: Pure Companion, Spicy Girlfriend, Lesbian, Gay, Elf Princess, and Intellectual Finance Woman. Each has a unique preset scenario. We strongly recommend that you read the character settings and play the role of the person who communicates with the character in the story.

Additionally, each character has a version for regular conversations. You can view your conversation with the character in the APP.

The other version provides descriptions of facial expressions and inner thoughts during the conversation, adding extra fun.

If unsatisfied with the conversation, say ‘Restart’ or long press ‘Voice’ and send ‘Restart’. After a ‘bye’ gesture, you can start anew.

Our Bluetooth speaker also offers a moaning feature. Simply say the wake word “moan” during the conversation, or press and hold the voice button and send “moan”, and the speaker will produce a continuous moaning sound.

In the future, we will release new versions, progressively adding ChatGPT-4 characters, character creation, memory functions, etc. Users who have already purchased can upgrade their APP to the new version seamlessly.

Thank you for supporting Coeros. Based on your feedback, we will continue to upgrade and update our Sex Doll AI Speaker software. We welcome you to share your user experience and thoughts with us.