How to Assemble and Use the Sex Doll Electric Stand

Part 1: Demonstrating the Functions and Benefits

The Sex Doll Electric Stand offers several advantages:

  • Safe storage: The doll is suspended in mid-air, preventing any damage to the feet or body. This storage method also keeps the doll free from dust and prevents deformation.
  • Display and photography: The doll can be displayed as a beautiful object in your living room and can easily be posed for photographs.
  • Other advantages include strong weight-bearing capacity (up to 80 kg), effortless lifting with electric power, convenience for dressing, cleaning, and maintaining the doll, and easy transportation.

Part 2: Assembly Tutorial

Here’s how to assemble the stand in under 10 minutes:

  • First, attach the base and wheels.
  • Then, attach the pole.
  • Finally, attach the top.

Part 3: Suspension Tutorial

Choose the appropriate suspension accessory based on the head and body screw type of your doll.

If your doll has a Snap-on M16 screw, choose the New Style M16 Connector.

Please follow the demonstration to operate.

If your doll has a normal M16 screw, choose the Old Style M16 Connector.

Please follow the demonstration to operate.

These two connectors cover most major brands such as WM, 6YE, JYDoll, Zelex, Irontech, and Starpery.

Part 4: Special Brand Accessory Guide

If you own a unique silicone love doll from brands such as Gynoid, SinoDoll, Sanhui, Fanreal, Exdoll, XYColo, etc., you will need to purchase a special hanging accessory. While we may not have all the doll brands on hand, we can provide pictures and instructions to help you use the appropriate accessory.

For example, SanhuiDoll and XYColoDoll can use an accessory similar to the Old Style M16 for hanging.

Gynoid has a specific accessory with a fixed position as shown in the figure.

EXdoll and Sinodoll require a hole to be drilled in the back of the doll to use their hanging accessory.

Similarly, XYColoDoll also has a back hanging accessory requiring a drilled hole.

Gynoid and SanhuiDoll can also use an accessory after drilling a hole in the doll’s back.

If you have a FanrealDoll, there is a specific accessory for your doll as well, which requires the factory to open a hole in the back of the doll.

We hope these instructions help you utilize the Sex Doll Electric Stand with your love doll.


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