Climax Sex Doll Factory Behind the Scene: Small but Strong!

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Hey, what’s up, everybody? I’m Marvel, the founder of Coeros.

Last year, I visited over 20 sex doll factories, and in 2023, I checked out 15 more, with Climax making the list twice. Last year, they were focused on making mini dolls and hadn’t introduced a full silicone doll yet.

Marvel at the entrance of Climax Factory in 2023


Marvel at the Entrance of Climax Office in 2023

Just last month, I went back to their factory and had an hour-long chat with Johnny, the Managing Director of Climax and he showed me around their small but strong factory.

Silicone Doll Storage Area at Climax Factory

CLM Product Series:

CLM Ultra is a series of Climax full silicone doll. There are only 3 bodies by far.

SIE 159cm is a nice Chubby BBW silicone doll. I tested the softness of her enticing boobs on the Expo, and the softness is the next level. However, it would be better if the thigh made more thicker.

SIQ 157cm, petite figure, nice rib bone design, callipygian, sexy, a natural transition from hip to her thighs. This is the very first Climax full silicone doll and very classic and popular one.

SIQ 157cm

SIW 160cm is a very very interesting design, small breasts with big hips as a combo, I guess there are some people will feel very interested in this figure.

CLM’S LHP is very good, all the holes are on the very soft end. However, they don’t provide softened ass option right now.

Johnny show me their 2.0 version of articulated fingers. He said that each doll’s fingers are custom-made: and the left and right hands are different. They are capable of forming a fist.

2.0 version of Climax’s articulated finger

CLM Pro is a series of Climax Hybrid dolls: Silicone head with TPE bodies and these bodies are more of Big Bosom and Big Bottom Type. You know what? Their TPE material is also incredibly soft.

CLM has only 11 silicone heads by far. And most of them cater to Western market. Among all, Sola and Grace are two most popular heads. Sola is bitchy and Grace is cute.

All these silicone heads come with adjustable jaws and made with soft silicone material. Mouth and tongue are quite soft, you will have no complaints about that.

And Johnny told me that If you look closely at the doll’s mouth, you’ll notice that Climax has modified the corners of the mouth to be smoother, preventing cracks from forming due to usage.

Care is also taken in crafting the teeth, which are made first and then inserted into the mouth. They are vertically aligned for a better appearance, with a gap between the teeth and the lips.

Talking about the lips. The plump and creased and puckered lips are also very inviting.

Climax’s products include their torsos, mini Dolls, and life-size Dolls; Their torsos and toys deserve attentions from those who are into toys. Coeros mainly focuses on companion dolls. So we will not discuss Climax’s other products although they are very popular and successful.

Workers at Climax Manufacturing a TPE BBW Torso


Climax Mini Dolls and Boob Toys


That’s what I learned about Climax products by now. And then I wanna share some CLM behind the scene’s teamwork and business strategy and their plan for 2024.

CLM Behind the Scene

Photography Team

CLM’s photography team is made up with 4 people. A photographer, A photo editor, An operation manager and Johnny himself.

Climax’s Photographer in Action

It will take them a long time to figure out the best way to take photos for their new dolls. Before they shoot the doll, they will arrange a real person (a girl I reckon) to mimic the sexy postures.

And he also has a particular advantage that his major is Fashion Design. So he takes serious significance on how CLM products looks in their photos.

And in many photos, you will notice the fashion feel of Climax.

Like SIW160 Janice/Cinamon

And SIQ157-Meru

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