Ultimate Guide to Fanreal Doll – the Most Realistic Sex Doll Brand in 2024

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Hey, what’s up, everybody? I’m Marvel, the founder of Coeros.

Fanreal is an up-and-coming high-end brand dedicated to creating hyper-realistic silicone dolls. Their designer has turned every head of Fanreal into a piece of art.

Fanreal’s most popular heads include Qian, Maria, Della, and the iconic Ling and Vivi.

The Mo Head is a very promising head. When I checked out at the Fanreal factory, Mo stood out among all these heads. Then I know her original promotional pictures don’t do justice to her charm.

The Mo head in Fanreal Factor

The bodies of Fanreal dolls maintain the same standard of artistic excellence, featuring lifelike skin texture, the perfect level of softness, a flexible skeleton, and numerous fine details. These qualities make Fanreal dolls the top choice for many doll enthusiasts.

I reviewed the 158B-cup and Qian Head in June 2023. Highlights included Qian’s exquisite, top-notch facial features, delicate and highly realistic smooth skin, and a breast softness that surpasses that of Zelex, JYDoll, and CSTDoll, though slightly behind Irokebijin. The option for softer thighs seems to be a unique artistic choice by Fanreal, and the softness and feel of the softened vagina are also highly pleasurable.

I’ll give you my pros and cons of Fanreal Doll


-The skin smoothness and the softness of the body and holes and the flexibility of skeletons all perform very well

-Both heads and bodies look highly realistic and beautiful.

-Their complicated and detailed makeup artists make the dolls look extremely life-like and delicate.


-However, one downside is the somewhat slow production time, averaging around a month.

-Some Fanreal new comers are not as good as their classic ones.

Eva is ultra-realistic but less appealing.

Fanreal Eva Head

Jia in my humble opinion is very plain compared with Qian, Mo, Ling and Vivi these gorgeous Asian faces.

Fanreal Jia Head

Anne head looks a lot like Tifa, But this head deviates from what Fanreal is known for: their hyper-realistic heads.

Fanreal Anne Head

Then Ill give you a Coeros Guide to choosing Fanreal Bodies

I personally categorizes Fanreal bodies into three groups for recommendations:

Group A includes Fanreal bodies taller than 170cm, I call this group as mature supermodel figures.

172cm: The first body from Fanreal, epitomizing their philosophy of “ordinary yet real, a realistic work of art.” It aligns with the general ideal of a beautiful woman’s body.

173cm: An upgraded version of the 172cm, with specific changes including a transition from U-shaped breasts to ω-shaped, smaller breasts, straightened bowed legs, slimmer thighs, and a reduced gap between the legs. It’s the most supermodel-like physique from Fanreal.170cm: Designed for the Western market, this body is curvier, boasting the largest bust and hips and the thickest thighs of all Fanreal models. However, it’s also the heaviest, weighing in at 40KG. 

Group B includes Fanreal bodies ranging from 150cm to 160cm, representing a youthful figure.

158cm: A youthful physique that naturally matches the Qian head. It appeals to those who prefer smaller breasts, and full, fleshy legs without being bulky.

157cm: A campus sister to 158cm, 157cm retains the voluptuous legs but silences critics who thought 158cm had too small a bust. If 158cm is the good girl, 157cm is like the big sister who has fully developed.

(The size chart for the Fanreal 157cm body is currently unavailable.)

153cm: Currently the smallest and youngest looking body from Fanreal, it’s thinner, younger, smaller and also lighter.

Group C is the special 163cm body.

The 163cm body almost entirely uses scan data from an actual model, with details of the hands, feet, knees, etc., also derived from real-life molds. It has fleshy legs and a realistic abdomen.

New Comers:

New 155cm: A nice add-up to 150-160 team. It boasts a decent F cup and the designs of her abs and backs are detailed. To match with this body, Fanreal even designed a down-scaled Maria head.

The new 165 can be seen as a possible alternative to 170,5cm shorter in height, 3kg lesser in weight, the same decent boobs, only the hips is not as large as 170 and legs not that thick.

As one of the earliest reviewers of Fanreal dolls, I hold the brand in high regard, finding it to be a personal favorite and full of promise. I hope to see Fanreal slowly develop more exquisite heads and introduce more breathtaking bodies. A good combination of doll head and body is essential for sparking the impulse to purchase, and owning a high-quality doll motivates owners to buy beautiful clothes for her, take photos, and share. The numerous photos of Fanreal dolls shared by doll enthusiasts and artists also help more people discover this brand with unlimited potential.

That’s all about the Coeros Guide to Fanreal Doll. Hope this video can help you. If you feel it’s useful, please give me a thumbup, a comment and hit the subscribe button. Love you guys. See you in the next video.


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