Jiusheng Doll Factory Exclusive: Crafting Chairman Mao & Adorable Lolita Waifus!

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The beautiful silicone doll head I have here is named Catalina. She was made by the Jiusheng factory, and many people consider Catalina to be the most attractive head produced by Jiusheng.

Hey everybody, I am Marvel, the founder of Coeros. I visited the Jiusheng factory twice, once in August 2022 and again in November 2023. So in this video, I will share my story about visiting JiuSheng’s factory and provide my insights into the quality of the dolls they produce.

JiuSheng is what kind of factory?

I’d like to start with their two founders, Kim and Emma.

Mr. Kim has over 20 years of experience in the sculpture industry and has designed head sculptures for many factories, such as AXB and Catdoll, earning recognition in the industry. From my two visits to the factory, it’s evident that he possesses an artisan’s temperament – he’s reserved and taciturn, yet passionate about the art of designing head sculptures. I believe the wax statues of Chairman Mao and Ge You that I saw in the factory were also sculpted by him.

Emma is a young, cute, beautiful, and energetic lady. During both of my factory visits, she was extremely enthusiastic and tirelessly introduced me to their products. She explained that the dolls produced by Jiusheng and MLW are adorable, Lolita-style, and beautiful. She explained that the dolls produced by Jiusheng and MLW are adorable, Lolita-style, and beautiful. I have to say, Emma herself embodies these qualities! She serves as the sales manager of Jiusheng and is often seen on doll forums and Twitter. If you get the chance, you can talk with her.

Now, let’s follow Emma and she will take us to their showroom.


In this showroom, they displayed almost all of their independently developed genuine doll heads, and you could see many clay sculptures by Kim. Emma introduced me to some of their popular heads and kindly arranged them one by one for me to take pictures.

#79 Catalina
#77 Isabell
#29 Gina
#8 Arisa
#38 Yume

Emma also showed me four of their silicone dolls with adjustable jaws.

JSD Movable Jaws 78b-2-18B-38C

Actually they had this technology in 2022. And when I checked again in 2023, I found that the silicone materials around the mouth and inner the mouth are all soft enough to give you a comfortable oral experience while the materials on the top of the head is still hard so that you can have her hair and eyebrows implanted.

This is Betty, featuring resin eyes, which gives her a more fairy-like appearance.

After leaving the showroom, we had to walk through a long corridor to enter their production workshop. Here, you could see Ge You appreciatively looking at photos of Jiusheng’s dolls.

Walking through the corridor, the first thing you’ll see are some molds placed on the ground and standing up. There are also skeletons being positioned inside the molds, waiting to be secured before the material is poured into them.

This is their upgraded articulated handbone.

There are four female employees responsible for applying makeup, implanting hair, and eyebrows to the silicone heads. They work cheerfully in a separate room. Meanwhile, the master responsible for spraying body makeup on the dolls works alone in a room located at the very back of the factory.

They also have an area dedicated to dressing up some dolls for photography. These are the very popular My Loli Waifu dolls.

In two relatively large storage areas, they keep TPE dolls and silicone dolls that have been produced and are waiting to be shipped.

I couldn’t resist testing Jiusheng’s best-selling 168C-cup extra soft gel breasts and gel buttocks. The softness of Jiusheng’s products has reached the same level as those from Irontech, Climax, and others, being extremely, extremely soft. The softness has improved significantly compared to last year.

Finally, here is the storage area for Jiusheng dolls that have been boxed and are waiting to be shipped. It’s noticeable that many dolls are destined for Japan, indicating that most of Jiusheng’s fans are likely from Asia. However, with the release of Catalina, Isabell, and the new version of Lisa, along with Jiusheng’s extensive range of cute Asian female heads, their fan base in the West is bound to grow.

Finally, I saw an insert on site, and according to Emma, this internal passage is also very soft. So, I bought one to take home. I’ll do a small unboxing for you guys.

Ok,that’s all about my trip to Jiusheng. Thank you guys for watching, if you think this video is helpful, please give me a thumbup, comment and hit the subscription button. Thank you very much. See you in the next episode.


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