Jungle of the Flesh | Making of IrontechDoll, the Most Popular Silicone Doll Brand

Welcome to the Jungle of the flesh!

We strongly recommend that you watch the accompanying video for this blog post, as it presents more detailed views of the dolls. Click the link to watch, and we appreciate your support.

We strongly recommend that you watch the accompanying video for this blog post, as it presents more detailed views of the dolls. Click the link to watch, and we appreciate your support.

Hey everybody, I am Marvel, the Founder of Coeros. Today I will take you through to the showroom and the factory of Irontech, one of the most popular sex doll brand.


Irontech’s showroom is impressive – bright, neat, spacious, and beautiful.

The showroom is divided into three main sections.

As you enter, on the right side, you’ll encounter two TPE girls (TPE bodies with Silicone Heads) and some exhibits showcasing Irontech’s craftsmanship.

You’ll find Hand Models and Foot Models that are incredibly realistic and soft, highlighting Irontech’s makeup expertise. Additionally, there are crotch models and love hole textures, offering a close-up view of what to expect with an Irontech doll.

The real highlight, though, is a board displaying 100 different vulva models, all cast from real women. It’s truly a work of art. Did you know it cost Irontech $1,000 per model, and there are 100 models? And I asked where did they find 100 girls who are glad to do this and he said there are some professional agents and they can find you 1000 more girls if you pay good. Thumb up! What a wonderful world.

They also showcase their skeleton, and the factory leader pointed out two parts where the skeletons are prone to breakage, so handle with care.

There are three breast models with varying softness levels, allowing you to feel the difference between normal, gel, and super soft breasts. I couldn’t resist playing with the super soft gel breast models – such incredible softness!

A ROS head demonstrates the mouth’s structure and the softness of the silicone. It even features an auto blow job function.

Directly opposite the entrance, the most popular silicone dolls from Irontech are displayed, including 160cm, 164cm, and 165cm.

The most popular heads, S20, S30. Remember Every 10th of Irontech is a Hit

To the left, stands the most realistic Irontech doll, Real Lady, complete with skin textures covering her entire body.

At the back of the showroom, silicone torsos from the Sigafun brand are on display. Leo positions these products as luxurious sex toys.

That’s a wrap on Irontechdoll’s Showroom – a place of great learning and experience. Then, the Factory leader took me to their new factory building.

Photography Area

The first stop was Irontechdoll’s Photography Area. This zone is used for photographing the dolls for customer approval before packaging and shipping. Here, the factory leader was very happy to find a doll that boasts super soft gel breast and gel buttocks and very proud to show me these assets.

Packaging Area

After photography, the dolls are hung on racks awaiting customer confirmation. You’ll see dozens of silicone heads and bodies ready for packing, along with several Sigafun silicone torsos and TPE girls. Once customers give the green light, skilled workers pack the dolls and arrange shipping. Irontech upgraded their packaging in 2023 with double layers of foam material for optimal protection.

Skeleton Manufacturing Area

And then visited the Skeleton Manufacturing Area. You will be shocked by the numerous skeleton forests. And this is the steel pipe that is used to make the skeletons.

And this guy is the only worker who welds these steel pipes into the skeletons needed for all the dolls in the factory.

And this guy is responsible for checking the flexibility of all the skeletons made by his colleague and then re-welding them, to ensure that the skeleton is both strong and flexible.

That’s basically the first floor of Irontechdoll’s factory building, then the factory leader led me to the second floor.

Silicone Doll Storage Area

On the second floor, you will be overwhelmed by the jungle of the Irontech’s silicone dolls.

Mold Storage Area

Here, all molds are stored in a clean and organized space.

Makeup Area

The makeup area is in a separate room. This scene reminds me of a lot of the Dance by Henri Matisse.  

Hair Implantation Area

And the hair implantation area is also in a separate room. There are 4-5 ladies in this room and these pictures look amusing. However they do have some skills to implant the hair, eyelashes into the correct area accurately.

TPE Doll Storage Area

The final stop was the TPE Doll Manufacture section. The factory leader mentioned that only 5-6 people handle all of Irontech’s TPE doll orders, from creating raw TPE materials to the final steps of cooling, seamline perfection, and powdering.


According to Irontech’s factory leader, by the end of 2023, Irontech will have received over 400 silicone doll orders and 200 TPE doll orders in just one month. This indicates that Irontech is now more of a Silicone doll brand than a TPE doll brand, marking a successful and beautiful business transformation. They are currently one of the leading silicone doll brands, with Zelex as their only major competitor.

That’s what I saw at Irontechdoll’s showroom and factory. If you ever come to China, why not visit their amazing showroom? I also met Leo, the founder of Irontech. These days, he’s busy meeting customers and distribution agents from mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and worldwide. Congratulations, Irontech! I believe Irontech owners live happily with their dolls. Let’s see what they bring us in 2024. I’m excited to find out.

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