Sex Doll Staining and Stain Removal

Why do sex dolls get stained?

Newly purchased sex dolls usually have clean skin surfaces, and doll owners generally prepare clothes for them in advance. However, if the clothing is not chosen carefully or the doll is not properly protected, the doll’s skin may get stained with colors like black, blue, red, etc., after some time. The reason for this is that the dye from the clothing comes into contact with the oils that the doll secretes, thereby penetrating the doll’s skin. Simply put, the cheaper the fabric, the lower the color fastness, the more oil the doll secretes, and the greater the pressure between the clothing and the skin, the more likely the doll is to get stained.

How to prevent sex dolls from getting stained?

We can reduce the doll’s oil secretion by giving it a bath and applying powder. The drier the doll’s skin, the less likely it is to get stained. Also, cheap, dark-colored lingerie or dark straps, belts, and socks are prone to staining. It’s better to buy expensive, synthetic, light-colored clothing. You can test uncertain clothing with TPE or silicone blocks for at least half an hour under heavy pressure or wrapping. For clothing that does stain, you can soak it in salt water for a long time, wash it multiple times with strong detergent, or soak it in a color fixative. You can also have the doll wear base layers or even wrap it in plastic wrap. The tighter the clothing is against the doll, the more likely it is to stain, especially when lying on the bed for a long time under heavy pressure.

How to remove stains from sex dolls?

Staining is not a big issue. When manufacturers melt TPE or silicone materials to cast dolls, they need certain oils as solvents. These oils will slowly seep out of the doll’s body. As the doll secretes these oils, the stains will gradually fade or even disappear over time. If you need to remove stains, you generally have two options: one is to use a stain remover, which requires multiple applications and timely cleaning, effective in 2 to 4 days but can corrode the doll’s body (especially TPE). The second option is to use makeup remover, white oil, olive oil, silicone oil, white tea oil, etc., applied multiple times at intervals of a few hours. However, be careful as these can also remove the doll’s makeup, including facial and body makeup.

Sex Doll Cleanser (20ml)

With the Sex Doll Cleanser, removing stains just got a whole lot easier! It is used for TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls to remove makeup and remove stains. Each bottle of Sex Doll Cleanser contains 20mL of cleanser in a compact spritz bottle, so you can quickly remove any stains on your sex doll’s skin, such as ink marks, plus makeup.

Sex Doll Color Remover

It happens to even the most experienced sex doll owner from time to time. The dreaded TPE stain from dark colored fabrics left on the doll too long. Remove pesky stains from your TPE sex dolls with our TPE Sex Doll Color Remover. The white stain removal cream comes in a 10g bottle. Fading is a slow process, the degree of dyeing varies, the time required is different.


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