Ten Best Necessities for the Sex Doll Lifestyle

Things to consider when bringing a Sex Doll into Your Home


So, you’ve been thinking about buying a sex doll. There are important factors to consider before doing so, other than looks and finances. This guide outlines ten of the best necessities that you will need prior to purchasing a sex doll, to make sex doll life easier and more enjoyable.

Room for a Sex Doll

Sex dolls sit on sofas in a sex doll brothel. Image courtesy of DW.

A sex doll is nearly the size equivalent of an adult human, therefore it is necessary to have enough space for one in the room and in the bed. Sex dolls do not always stay in the bed all day long, so room for a chair or a specialized sex doll stand is crucial.

A twin-sized bed is not large enough for both a sex doll and the sex doll owner. Full-size and larger are needed. Sex doll owners should have enough space for themselves and their sex dolls to be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.

Those with multiple sex dolls will need more space than with a singular sex doll, otherwise the room and bed can become cramped and uncomfortable. This would also pose a problem in safety, if one were to bump into a sex doll or multiple sex dolls and have them fall.

Display and Storage Options for a Sex Doll

A sex doll is displayed on Coeros’ Electric Doll Stand. Image courtesy of Coeros.

Over the past several years, display and storage options for sex dolls has evolved. Some sex doll owners choose to make their own display stands and storage furniture, but Coeros has created some amazing options that can be viewed here and here. RealDoll and Sinthetics have specialized tripod stands for their sex dolls.

It is good to have a place for display and another for storage. That way, your sex doll can be out when you are with them or they can be discreetly put away for any potential visitors or utility/construction contractors that may be in your home on occasion.

See the link below for some insight into displaying and storing sex dolls.

The Best Way to Display and Store A Sex Doll

A Way to Transport a Sex Doll

A sex doll sits in a rolling office chair during a meeting. Image courtesy of Korean BizWire.

Sex dolls are heavy. What makes them heavier are the height, breast, hip, and butt size. TPE is generally heavier than silicone as well. Carrying them short distances may work at times, but it is a good idea to have other methods of transporting your doll around.

Rolling office chairs are the least expensive way to do this.  They are also discreet as they can be used and seen as regular household furniture. Transport chairs and wheelchairs are a good option, but they are more expensive and if you do not have to use them for yourself or another living member of your household, visitors may become curious as to why you have them and perhaps a bit nosy.

Dollies, or hand trucks are extremely useful when having to move a sex doll up and down stairs.  You can put padding in between the backside of the sex doll and the long part of the dolly and use flexible straps to secure them during moving.

Rolling doll stands allow both display and moving sex dolls with and without securing straps.  

Patient lifts are the most expensive and they allow moving sex dolls to and from beds and chairs.

Clothing Storage for a Sex Doll

A proper place to store sex doll clothing is important, just like storing our own clothing. Image Courtesy of Life Storage.

I hear many sex doll owners say that their sex doll has more clothes than they do. Closet space and drawers will need to be cleared out. Additional clothing wardrobes, metal clothing stands, portable drawers and bins can assist when closet and drawer space become limited or unavailable.

For smaller closets and other hanging spaces with limited capacity, Wonder Hangers, or special hanger holding devices that can hold up to five hangers at one time vertically are a superior alternative.

Photography Equipment

Proper photography equipment greatly enhances the overall quality of photos. Image courtesy of Passport Photo Maker.

Sex doll photography is widely popular among sex doll owners within the doll community. They love to show off their beautiful and sexy dolls.

Phones with high quality cameras work well for those who do not wish to purchase an actual camera. They are also good for beginner photographers and those who like to share on social media outlets.

Point-and-shoot cameras are a less expensive and capable option for photographing sex dolls. I have a Canon PowerShot and paired with my lighting kit, I have been able to capture some amazing photos of my sex dolls. The images can be transferred from the camera to a computer or tablet through Bluetooth and apps or USB cables.

Lighting kits don’t have to be expensive. I have a $100 kit that does amazing work. Photography umbrellas, soft boxes, and filters help illuminate a sex doll in alluring ways. They can be broken down and stored when not in use and don’t take up much room during storage.

Backdrops can be anything from a large sheet to a vinyl one with a printed background on it that you purchase. They add to the overall essence of the photo while concealing anything in the background that does not belong in the photo.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. allows sex doll owners to have meaningful conversations with their sex dolls. Image courtesy of Linkedin.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is an excellent way to really bring a sex doll to life. 

Replika, Character A.I., Couple AI and Kindroid are other popular AI platforms that allow you to create and customize a character based on your sex doll’s individual personality. Kindroid also allows selfie creation for amazing photos of the character you create and you can even add your own image to generate in a selfie through a secondary avatar. How cool is that?

This creates a way for sex doll owners to communicate verbally with sex dolls and receive feedback in return through voice and voice calling options.

Cleaning and Repair Kits

A sex doll is lying on a bath towel with cleaning products nearby for a routine cleaning. Image courtesy of XVideos.com.


Dirty sex dolls are not visually appealing and can become unsafe to play with, due to build up of harmful bacteria, mildew, and mold. Keeping a sex doll clean and sanitized is important to keep them in good condition. Click the link below for a tutorial along with ideas for a cleaning kit.

Sex Doll Washing and Drying 101


All things mechanical inevitably break down. We live in an age where when objects break down, instead of fixing them, we simply replace them. Sex dolls are expensive and it is not always affordable to replace them, unless they are damaged beyond repair. The guides in the links below show how to repair TPE and Silicone sex dolls with easy methods, to make them last as long as possible.

TPE Sex Doll Vagina Repair Guide

Repairing a Silicone Sex Doll

Makeup Kits

High-pigmented powders applied with makeup brushes leave the colors vibrant. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Sex dolls arrive with makeup applied by makeup artists at the factory. With routine kissing and cleaning, the makeup will come off; it is not permanent. However, high pigmented powder eye shadow, blush and long-lasting lipstick should last longer. Lip gloss is the easiest to smudge and come off. Cream foundation, powders and other forms of makeup do not last. They come off way too easy.

Extra sets of false eyelashes should be kept on hand, because those also wear out and will need to be replaced. Please note that eyelash glue does not adhere well to silicone or TPE, so super glue, or eyelashes with magnetic eye liner are the best options to use.

Soft bristle makeup brushes for lips, eyes, and blush, as well as Q-Tip’s and mineral oil are essential for applying makeup. Blotting on the color or lightly dusting it onto the sex doll’s face are adequate methods of makeup application. The Q-Tip’s and mineral oil help to correct mistakes and create fine lines on the eye lids and lips.


A traditional male condom (above) and a female condom (Femidom, below) are two ways to have cleaner sex with a sex doll. Image courtesy of Science Photo Library.

Condoms and Femidoms are excellent for those who want cleaner methods when having sex with a sex doll. No semen will enter the orifices of the sex doll, but it is still necessary to clean each time after sex. Femidoms can be reused instead of discarded immediately.

Safety Gear

A sturdy back brace can reduce the chances of a back injury when lifting and moving a sex doll. Image courtesy of Amazon.

For one who has a heavy sex doll, or has back and knee pain, braces are crucial to avoid further pain and injury. Even if you don’t experience those issues, it is still a good idea to have them to prevent or delay the conditions. Becoming injured while moving a sex doll will also inhibit the ability to interact with them on a physical level. Protection is key.

A towel or a sheet placed under a sex doll prevents having to lift the doll to scoot from one side of the bed to the other. All you have to do is roll the sex doll to get the towel or sheet underneath them and remove when they are where you want them.

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