All You Need to Know About Wig Care For Sex Dolls

Welcome to Coeros! Today, we present a video that provides comprehensive solutions for all your wig maintenance needs for your sex doll.

Whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned user, this video offers practical tips and tricks to make wig care a breeze. The chapters are outlined in the description for easy navigation.

  • 0:23 Did you opt for a separate wig or a hair transplant?
  • 2:16 How to choose a wig for your love doll?
  • 3:38 How to put on a wig?
  • 4:59 How do you comb a love doll’s hair?
  • 6:40 How to wash a wig (separate wig)?
  • 7:50 How to wash a hair transplanted Silicone head?
  • 9:19 How to store wigs?
  • 9:33 How to give a doll hair transplant?
  • 10:03 How to style a doll’s hair?

Sit back and enjoy the video, and by the end, you’ll be an expert in wig care for your sex doll.

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Question 1: Did You Opt for a Separate Wig or a Hair Transplant?

A common issue with sex doll owners is the lack of visual diversity, meaning the doll always looks the same. There are solutions to this issue, though.

If you chose a sex doll with a wig, congratulations! The lack of visual diversity is easily solved as you can switch to a different style or colored wig. The results can be dramatic, making it feel like sleeping with a different woman.

If you chose a doll head with a hair transplant, don’t worry! The wig is still an option, but it’s best to wear it with a white or flesh-colored wig cap. Some people believe that hair transplants offer better-quality results, but this is not always the case. You can only do a hair transplant on a silicone head, not a TPE head. In the past, silicone heads were more exquisite due to their harder and more sculpted materials, but today TPE makeup techniques have improved and TPE products can now look even more elegant than silicone heads.

In terms of prices, a TPE head generally costs under 1,000 RMB(148$), while a silicone head can cost at least 1,500 RMB(222$) or more. Some brands, like Catdoll, can cost as much as 6,000 RMB(889$).

In conclusion, while you need a silicone head for a hair transplant, having a silicone head doesn’t mean you have to have a transplant. A wig is a convenient and cost-effective option.

My honest advice: If you frequently interact intimately with your doll, I recommend buying at least 2 wigs: one for daily use and one for special occasions. I also suggest getting wigs with different hair lengths, as short hair wigs are popular among the global sex doll community.

Question 2: How to Choose a Wig for Your Love Doll?

Have you ever unboxed your newly purchased sex doll and felt disappointed with the wig? Some doll factories that have a sense of responsibility produce relatively good wigs, likely due to the healthy profit margins on wigs.

For instance, wigs from Momodoll and Zelex (LSPDoll) are of better quality than most others. They are smoother, softer, and silky to the touch, with a gloss that’s closer to a real person’s hair. Their wig shapes also match more closely to game characters.

If you have had a negative experience, what should you look for in a wig?

About the inner net

Let’s start by analyzing the inner net. I suggest choosing a wig with a lighter colored inner net for safety. Darker colored hair nets have been known to leave stains on doll heads in some cases.

Here are some Taobao stores to consider for light-colored hair nets:

  1. Alice Garden – specializes in lighter blond colored hair nets.
  2. Magic Cosplay – offers only light-colored hair nets.
  3. ShangQingsi – mainly black and coffee colored hair nets.

As an alternative, you can purchase a shower cap and use it as a barrier between the sex doll’s scalp and the dark inner net.

It is expected that you will be able to purchase these recommended wigs on the Coeros website during the first half of 2023.

Wig Size

Dolls over 135cm in size can wear an adult wig with ease.

Wig Material

Larger wigs are typically made of human hair or high-temperature fiber. The majority of wigs sold are made from high-temperature fiber due to the high cost of human hair. The quality of these wigs can usually be determined by their price, with higher costs indicating better quality.

Wig Style

For those who enjoy cosplay or two-dimensional characters, the “Don’t Sleep” wig is recommended. The recommended light-colored hair store also boasts its own signature style in each product.

Question 3: How to Put a Wig on Your Sex Doll?

Steps to Put on a Wig:

  1. Find the front: Turn the wig over and locate the two symmetrical ring clasps on the back. Turn it 180° to find the front.
  2. Flip 1/3: Turn over 1/3 of the wig from the front and fasten it on the doll’s forehead at the fold line.
  3. Adjust the hairline: Move the wig back and forth to determine the hairline position.
  4. Tighten the back: Place the front of the wig with one hand and tighten the back hairnet to the scalp with the other hand.
  5. Check for bulges: Touch the top of the doll’s head for bulges and flatten the hairnet if any are found.
  6. Tie the ties: Tie the ties on both sides of the back of the wig, similar to wearing a bra.

“Find front, flip wig, clasps symmetrical, that’s it! Turn 1/3, fix line, adjust hair, all just fine. Tighten back, check bulges, tie ties, like a snug hug. Now wig’s on, ready to stun!”

Question 4: How to Comb a Love Doll’s Hair?


A comb. While the Tangle Teezer comb is highly recommended by doll owners, it is also expensive. An affordable alternative is a large-toothed brush, a wig special wire comb, or an air cushion comb.

You can also use a wig care conditioner or simply a water spray.


  1. Start by brushing the hair from bottom to top, strand by strand, slowly.
  2. Alternate brushing from the top and bottom.
  3. For wavy long wigs, change the direction of your curls on each side to refresh the look.
  4. Thick hair at the nape of the neck should be layered as you brush.
  5. Don’t be afraid of tangles, gently pull them out. Patience and love are more important than technique.

Enjoy grooming your love doll on a lazy weekend and relish the contentment it brings. If the wig becomes dry, spray with the care solution or water and continue brushing.

Question 5: How to Wash a Separate Wig?

Supplies needed:

Shampoo (preferably specialized high-temperature silk wig shampoo or regular shampoo), large toothed comb, hair care oil, two towels, and a wig holder.


  1. Comb the wig to remove any knots
  2. Wet the wig (with lukewarm water, around 30°C and not too hot) and add shampoo to your palm to create foam. Shampoo the wig from roots to tips, being gentle and rubbing the hair with one hand. Also, wash the inner net.
  3. Rinse the wig (use a sink plug or water basin to prevent hair strands from blocking the drain)
  4. Squeeze the wig dry with your hands and apply hair care oil if desired. Do not use a hair dryer.
  5. Place the wig in a towel and use the second towel to dab it dry
  6. Put the wig on a wig support frame to air dry in a well-ventilated area.

Question 6: How to Wash a Hair Transplanted Silicone Head?

Supplies needed:

Shampoo, hair oils, comb, two towels, head stand, and tape.


  1. Cover the screw under the silicone head with tape to prevent rusting
  2. Detangle any knots in the hair
  3. Wet the hair (with lukewarm water, 30°C or slightly warmer) and apply shampoo, starting from the roots to the tips. The makeup on the silicone head is permanent and will not wash off.
  4. Rinse the shampoo (plug the sink or use a water basin to prevent hair from blocking the drain)
  5. Squeeze dry the hair from top to bottom and apply hair care oil if desired. Do not use a hair dryer.
  6. Hold the hair with two towels to absorb moisture, or if using one towel, fold it in half for better absorbency. Avoid rubbing the hair.
  7. Place the head on a head bracket to air dry in a well-ventilated area. If no bracket is available, keep the towels around the head until all water is absorbed.

Question 7: How to Store Wigs?

Supplies needed:

Wig holder and head stand


Place the wig as high as possible, away from the floor or in a clean cabinet. Keeping the wig high prevents dust buildup.

Question 8: How to Give a Doll Hair Transplant?

If you own a silicone head and want to give it a hair transplant, there is a shop from China that specializes in this service for dolls. You can also purchase a hair transplantation machine, but there are concerns about the quality of the hair transplant done. A Chinese doll lover tried this service and posted pictures of the results for reference.

Question 9: How to Style a Doll’s Hair?

With the help from a professional hairstylist, the next video will cover personal styling tips, including double ponytail, air bangs, black long straight hair, waves, and more.

End of Video: Thank you for watching. This video was informative and hope to see you again. If you found this content helpful, don’t forget to subscribe and show your support. See you soon.

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