Expert Guidance on Choosing Clothes For a Sex Doll

Your sex doll doesn’t want to just sit around naked all day.

Why Dress Your Sex Doll?

Honeylover’s beautiful sex doll poses for a portrait wearing a rose colored off the shoulder dress, a black and gold collar necklace and a black and gold headband. Image courtesy of Honeylover.

Sex dolls may be manufactured strictly for sex, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be naked all of the time. Clothing can add to your sex doll’s personality through style. Lingerie can help set the mood in the bedroom, casual wear is great for non-sexual interactions at home, and formal wear is great for special occasions between you and your sex doll. Some people like to dress their dolls in costumes for cosplay or if their sex doll is made in the image of a favorite fictional character.

Sex Doll Protective Underclothing

Why Protective Underclothing is Recommended

Silicone sex dolls typically do not need protective underclothing, however, TPE sex dolls do. Staining on the TPE from darker colored, cheaper made clothing has been one of the most talked about problems in the doll community in regard to clothing. TPE leeches’ oil and it is a porous material, thus staining is inevitable if you do not put on a layer of protective underclothing between the TPE and the main clothes.

Another benefit of having protective underclothing on both TPE and Silicone sex dolls? It makes sliding the clothes on and off much easier.

Types of Protective Underclothing

The most common article of protective underclothing is nylon pantyhose. Nylon thigh high hosiery and nylon full body stockings are also very popular, even more-so the crotch-less variety. But not all sex doll owners use protective underclothing, even on TPE sex dolls. Rock13 states that he uses peach or champagne-colored leotards, that have been altered to where they do not show under his sex dolls’ regular clothing.

Clothing for Female Sex Dolls

Sex Doll Lingerie

Jyoti modeling modest lingerie in a white lace bra, white full coverage panties and a white lacy nylon slip. Image courtesy of Mr Franz.

One would expect lingerie to be the most talked about clothing topic for sex dolls, but I have found that surprisingly, it is not. This does not mean that sex dolls do not wear them, because they do. Sexy teddies, chemises, and matching bra and panty sets can be found plentiful on The Doll Forum.

Mr. Franz takes a different road when it comes to lingerie, stating, “Rather than sexy lingerie, I prefer full-cut panties, lace cup bras, full and half-slips with lace trim at the hem.” So, practicality, while still attractive, is a great alternative to tantalizing and sexy.

What is Her Style?

Jantra’s elegant sex doll, Marit, rings in the new year in a classic black dress and pearl string necklace. Image courtesy of Jantra.

Many sex doll owners create personalities for their sex dolls and style is an excellent way to display each unique personality. Casual, girl-next-door is a very popular choice among the doll community. AtomicPunk’s sex doll, Alita, regularly wears “everyday casual tops and jeans.” But he has stated that he would like to find more antique and mid-century retro clothing for her for a nice change.

Period pieces or era clothing were mentioned when I asked some sex doll owners what style they have for their sex dolls. Others have chosen to dress their sex dolls in themed costumes, such as ballerinas, or Alice in Wonderland. Some even dress their dolls for success in professional office attire, like women’s suits, skirts, and blouses. Rich S., states that he just prefers his sex doll to wear what he thinks she will look good in.

Shoes and Accessories for Your Girl Sex Doll

Hadleigh completes her stylish look by adding a silver handbag, black and white polka dot sunglasses, black lace gloves and a stylist black and white sun hat. Image courtesy of Rock13.

No sex doll lady is complete without her shoes and accessories. These crucial fashion pieces complement and complete their look, after all. For sex dolls who have the standing feet bolts in the soles of their feet, athletic shoes are a popular choice among TDF members. High heels, of course are also quite popular for the sexier styles. I have seen a lot of platform shoes from the famous brand, “Pleasers” grace the feet of many lovely sex dolls.

Quite a few female sex doll owners have chosen to purchase fine jewelry, such as commitment/engagement/wedding rings for their sex dolls. Necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and other blingy jewelry are also common, as well as BDSM collars in all sorts of colors.

Occasionally one will find other adornments, such as sunglasses, scarves, belts, and various hat styles ranging from casual ball-cap, to fancy English Tea party.

Clothing for Male sex dolls


Landon lounging in bed in his blue striped boxer shorts. Image courtesy of Alexandria Sportello.

Males, in general, typically do not have as many options when it comes to underwear. Boxers, briefs, and men’s thong underwear are pretty much all there is to offer. Although men sex dolls underwear does not come in lace, you can still find plenty of silk, satin, and cotton choices.

For male sex dolls, there is an option that is functional, not just in the fashion sense, but is excellent in attaching dildos and other penis attachments for sex, and penis packers for a realistic, natural look. Sex product brands such as Sportsheets (my FAVORITE!), Cal-Exotics and Strap-U Mod have created what is called O-ring harness underwear. Made from polyester and spandex materials, they have an O-ring pouch in the crotch area where you can insert a flaccid penis packer, or attach suction cup dildos, and their styles range from briefs to boxers.

Male Doll Fashion

Agares, Muesky6969’s sexy demon male sex doll, rocks it in a gray collar and button shirt with a gold chain necklace. Image courtesy of Mueski6969.

Muesky6969 typically dresses her male sex doll studs, Agares and Xiel, in casual wear. “We are very casual, lounge pants, jammies, slippers… My guys both have wool suits and dress outfits that fit their personalities,” she states. Stargazer80 has her beloved, Erik, wearing casual t-shirts and shorts, but is wanting to eventually dress him in costume for roleplay.

My fabric male sex dolls, Lawrence and Tristan, are dressed in black pinstripe suits, white long-sleeve dress shirts, black belts, dress socks and oxford shoes. Landon and Larry, my TPE male sex dolls, enjoy more casual attire, with Landon rocking the 80’s rock band/bad-boy gear and Larry in athletic clothes.

Shoes and Accessories for Men Sex Doll

Men’s dress shoes, work boots, flip flops and sneakers are pretty common footwear for male sex dolls. Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses are popular eyewear, in addition to an assortment of different framed everyday eyewear.

Belts and ties are excellent choices for the businessman, or for more formal occasions. Male sex dolls can greatly enhance their look with men’s rings, necklaces, watches, and even various body piercings. Eyebrow, nipple, and genital piercings are sexy accessories too. It is all about preference and what will match their personality.

Best Places to Buy Clothing for Sex Dolls?


Remaining discreet when buying clothes for a sex doll is quite important to many sex doll owners. Men, primarily, discuss in online forums of how they feel awkward, judged, and being watched by others who they feel would disapprove, when they shop in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Others speak of how they have absolutely no idea how to buy proper clothing for their dolls and reach out for advice on the topic.

Shein, Amazon, eBay, Hot Topic, Dolls Kill and Yandy are among the most popular online retailers that sex doll owners shop at for their sex dolls., Depop, Venus and AdoreMe were also mentioned by those in the sex doll community, as were these other fine stores:


Still, there are some who enjoy, or prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. The Leatherman’s mentioned that they regularly enjoy shopping at Aeropostale, due to the store’s tendency to carry clothing in extra small (XS) for their sex doll. They also enjoy what American Eagle, Forever 21, Hollister and Platos Closet have to offer.

Jantra clothes his beautiful sex dolls in stylish finds from Macy’s and Target, and when he dresses them in costume, he chooses Spirit Halloween as his costume source.

However, second hand and thrift stores are excellent sources for brand name clothing, when you want the best at a bargain price. A huge plus is that secondhand clothes have been washed enough times to drastically reduce the chances of the darker clothes staining TPE sex dolls.

Finding the Right Size

“I also look online because a men’s extra small is very hard to find on the rack,” Stargazer80 informs me, in regard to finding clothes that fit for her 160cm male sex doll, Erik. Sex dolls are created in the image of perfect, or fantasy human beings, and finding clothes that fit just right can be a challenge, due to their unrealistic proportions.

Female sex dolls with large breasts, hips and butts and thin waists are the most difficult to shop for, due to the vast measurements’ differences. Height in sex dolls of both genres can also be an issue. The best way to get the right fit would be to alter the clothing that is closest to the sex doll’s size, either yourself, or by a professional tailor.

Take measurements of key areas on your sex doll and compare them on a sizing chart. Then note down the size that is closest to the measurements, perhaps one size larger, that way you will get the closest fit, and if you choose to alter, it will be easier to get the right fit.

Clothing Alterations

Taking Measurements

Key areas for body measurements are the neck, bust/chest, and band (area under the breasts), waist, hips, and the arm/leg length. By taking these measurements, you will have a basic guideline for clothing that will come the closest to fitting your sex doll the best. Plus, it is a must when you want to alter clothing for a custom fit.

To take measurements you will need the following:

  1. Flexible measuring tape
  2. Pencil/Pen
  3. Paper

With your sex doll standing straight against a wall, or sitting in a chair, take the tape and measure around they key areas stated above and write them down on paper. That way, you can refer to it again when you need this information.

Modifying for the Best Fit

Not everyone is proficient with a needle, thread, or a sewing machine. Honeylover simply uses safety pins to pin his sex doll’s clothing in the back. Taeyeon rolls up the sleeves of shirts, or the cuffs of the pants to ensure his sex doll’s clothes fit well. Clothing darts, or sewing pins, and clamps are also a discreet way to pull back and secure clothing on the back of the garment, if you are needing something temporary and fast.

Others, such as Stargazer80, have made some innovative alterations to their sex doll’s clothes, as she did with Erik’s shirts and underwear. “I cut his shirts up the middle and the back, hem each side, then I put Velcro or plastic snaps on the hems.” Chris simply uses a needle and thread, from time to time to take in bikini bottoms or other clothes for his sex doll.

Looking for a quick, temporary fix, or a more custom fit modification is all up to you and what you feel is best for your sex doll. After all, you want them to always look their best!

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