Zelex 170cm, Real Body Scan Sex Doll Unboxing and Review

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What kind of doll really stirs something within you? Is it one that completely mimics the texture of human skin, or one that’s been crafted into a seductively cartoonish figure? Welcome back to Coeros Channel.

Today, we’re unboxing a product that holds a significant place in the history of sex dolls. This could well be the best-selling, life-like sex doll from the renowned silicone doll brand, Zelex. Standing tall at 170 cm, this flagship model has quite a bit to offer.


Package Introduction

The packaging of Zelex dolls typically features a protective film layer on the outside of the box, ensuring that the container is kept safe from any damage. You also don’t need to worry about UPS couriers getting a sneak peek of your beloved before you do.

The two cardboard panels at the bottom of the Zelex doll box serve to keep the doll inside securely in place.

Keep in mind that the journey from the Zelex Workshop in Guangdong, China to your home is a long one, often taking at least one to two weeks. This protective panel does an excellent job of shielding the doll. Be aware though, the edges of the wood panels can be sharp. It’s a good idea to wear gloves when unpacking to avoid any potential cuts.

When I unboxed it, I discovered an oversight! Zelex had forgotten to send me a doll head, as well as the external components for the New Sucking System. Therefore, a week later, I received a separate small box.

We also have a little surprise in this unboxing: Zelex has packed all the accompanying accessories in a chic little box, branded with the Zelex name and logo. While the contents are standard, it’s the user manual that steals the show. To my knowledge, previous Zelex dolls did not include this manual. It’s extremely well-made and comes in a sealed envelope from Zelex. It includes detailed usage and maintenance guides, and to make things easier, there’s plenty of illustrations — a refreshing departure from the usual “as clear as mud” instructions.

This is the most well-produced user manual I’ve come across in all the sex doll brands I’ve reviewed. More importantly, our friend Join1972 even mentioned his hope for a user manual when reviewing his 170C-cup, and this year Zelex has delivered. This shows that Zelex takes user feedback seriously — kudos to Zelex!


Product Introduction

  • The Story of the Zelex 170-C cup

Meet the 170C-cup, with a tan skin tone, weighing in at 39.7kg. This weight is pretty manageable for a 170cm doll, but if you’re a newbie, you might find her a bit heavy at first. But trust me, you’ll get used to it over time.

The 170cm C-cup is Zelex’s first silicone doll that employs Real Body Scan technology, meaning this doll’s body contour is modeled after a real human, with identical muscle detail and lines, including the calves, knees, popliteal space, thighs, hands, arms, abdomen, chest, collarbone, protruding bone under the collarbone, shoulders, and back (including shoulder blades, spine and small of the back).

The 170 C-cup is viewed by many Zelex fans as a body type that’s nothing short of perfection and is one of the most discussed models on TDF. Rumor has it that the model for this scan was a Ukrainian beauty, so it’s no wonder Zelex’s fans think of this body type as a supermodel figure.

Because of its stunning appearance and popularity, the 170 C-cup is frequently paired with many doll head designs by Zelex. In fact, at least 40 Zelex dolls use this body type. The second is the X165cm F-cup, which also employs Real Body Scan.

  • The Softness of the Zelex 170C-cup

Thanks to the Gel Breast technology, the breasts are the softest part of the body, and they feel amazing to the touch. The arms, calves, and the outside of the buttocks come next in softness, while the abdomen and other parts of the body are relatively fiem. I’m really looking forward to reviewing Zelex’s Soft Gel Ass. From official videos and reviews from other Zelex Doll Owners, it seems everyone is thrilled with the fullness of the gel-filled buttocks. The 170cm doll I reviewed still has quite firm buttocks, and I envy those users who own Gel Ass dolls. If you are a doll lover who prefers a softer rear, I highly recommend opting for the Gel Buttocks option.

  • Sex Functions of the Zelex 170C-cup

This doll comes with a fixed vagina. If you want something easier to clean, you can opt for the Insert Vagina option. Zelex has a unique Insert Vagina design with very realistic labia.

The Love Hole Placement on the 170C is remarkably accurate; you can find user-shared photos of the 170C in a doggy style position on TDF, and it’s virtually indistinguishable from a real person.

Equally realistic is the 170C’s state when lying on its side. She will make you feel like you have a supermodel wife lying in your bed, waiting for you to wake her, embrace her, give her joy.

But I must clarify, in terms of the softness of the vagina, whether it’s a fixed vagina or insert vagina, Zelex’s softness isn’t the softest among all silicone doll brands. The silicone dolls I’ve reviewed from JYDoll and Irokebijin have much softer internal canals. The choice of silicone material for the internal canal is obviously different from that used for the body. I hope Zelex can improve the softness of their Love Hole soon.

This doll also comes with a new Sucking Vagina Function, but due to YouTube’s restrictions, we’ll make a separate video for this, so stay tuned to our other social media platforms and official website.

  • Realistic Body Makeup of Zelex 170C-cup

One of the key reasons why the 170C-cup is so popular, aside from the fact that its body line is a perfect scan of a supermodel, is Zelex’s superb body painting technique.

You may not imagine what a bare silicone doll from Zelex looks like without any makeup.

That’s it!

The raw body of the doll undergoes many stages of makeup application to get to what we see in the finished product. Some important skin textures, such as the texture on the hands, feet, and elbow veins, are designed in the doll’s mold. Zelex’s makeup artists will spray the desired skin tone onto the doll’s raw body based on your order selection. The skin tone from Zelex is meticulously chosen. Regardless of the skin tone, the color mixing is beautiful, with the addition of pink pigment to make the body look more lively and human-like. Also, there are tiny white dots to give the skin a layered look. You will also notice some greenish veins subtly appearing in common locations of the human body. After all the makeup application processes, the body is baked in the oven to set the color.

However, this body makeup will start to fade after a long period of friction, revealing the milky white color of the raw body, which is not very appealing.

Of course, the body makeup process may have changed with the introduction of the New Color Sealing Process in Zelex’s Inspiration series. According to Join1972, Zelex is now starting with a base color for each of their skin tones. A Tan Doll, for example, is mixed almost to the end color before being poured into the mold and removed after curing. The dolls then look very basic but are already very close to the tan color. Zelex then sprays smaller details over the top of that base color, like veins, shadows, and other things over the doll. While the dolls still had issues with those details rubbing off, they were not quite as noticeable as the silicone underneath those areas was already tinted and pigmented.

Join1972 also mentioned a benefit of the New Color Sealing Process. Zelex finally came up with a top layer they spray over the entire doll. This layer is not only supposed to help seal in the details but it includes a matte finish agent that dries flat, leaving the doll with a nice natural non-shiny surface.

Join1972 received his Zelex 170cm doll in October 2022 and has been using it for photography till July 2023, roughly nine months. His conclusion is that the sealer KINDA works and does help quite a bit. Will the sealer and details rub off after some time? Probably, if the doll is used a lot and rubs against things. For now, this is probably the best you can get and for sure at this price point.

  • The EXP Skeleton & the Flexibility of the Joints of the Zelex 170cm

Another not-so-obvious but very practical feature to be reviewed is Zelex’s latest technological advancement: the EXP Skeleton. The name EXP comes from the first three letters of the word Expressive, and indeed, the Zelex silicone dolls with EXP skeleton are indeed more expressive.

The most noticeable difference is in the waist. One of the most common complaints among doll users is that the doll’s body is too rigid, especially around the waist. You can exhaust all your strength, but the doll’s waist would barely move. In the end, even if you managed to move the doll’s waist, your own waist would be wrecked. But with the EXP skeleton, the left and right rotation of the waist has become very, very easy. All you have to do is sit her on the bed and it’s easy to sway the waist. Forward and backward rotation is also possible, but it takes a bit more effort.

The doll’s shoulders have also become flexible, but you need to secure one side of her body like I did, then move her shoulders back and forth, and you can easily try more poses.

A wrist with an EXP skeleton can rotate 360° side to side, but the forward and backward swing is limited, roughly to about 90°. The elbows, and knee joints have all been added with ball joints, and the rotation angle and range even exceed that of a human.

In general, the application of the EXP skeleton makes the doll’s joints more human-like, whether in sex positions or photography poses, the doll has more room for play.

  • Reinforced Feet & Articulated Hands

Finally, let’s take a look at the basic features of silicone dolls: Articulated Hands and Reinforced Feet.

Finger joints: Although every silicone doll brand has finger bones, the quality varies greatly. Zelex’s finger bones, I believe, are the best in the industry. Why so? All three joints of Zelex’s fingers can easily rotate, unlike other brands where it’s very hard to rotate. The main reason is that Zelex has upgraded their finger skeleton. And even before Zelex upgraded their finger bones, they already had control over their supply chain for finger bones, which is a big difference from many brands that outsource the finger bone procurement.

Another standout feature of Zelex’s hand is the intricate carving of hand lines. You can feel the muscle bumps and ridges like a real hand, and you can observe the realistic texture around the finger joints. You’ll also be amazed at how real the skin makeup on the hands and feet look.

Of course, there are areas for improvement in the hands and feet for Zelex.

For example, they could add toe joints; they could also adjust the size of the foot. Her feet is roughly 23cm long. For a 170cm tall doll, bigger feet seem to be more realistic. And the hand makeup, compared to Fanreal Art, still has room for improvement.



As a recognized superstar in the hearts of Doll lovers, Zelex 170cm has many dazzling advantages: the 1:1 supermodel figure brought by real person modeling, the body painting level that makes you mistake it for a real person at first glance. We are also happy to see Zelex continuously striving in areas not easily noticed, such as permanent body makeup, EXP skeleton, finger bones, and even user manuals and accessory boxes, respecting user feedback, giving users a better experience, and converting every user into a Zelex fan. Of course, one significant advantage of Zelex dolls that we cannot ignore is that compared to Gynoid, Sinodoll, Realdoll, Zelex offers the best quality silicone dolls for a lower price.

Our review did not overlook the shortcomings of Zelex. For example, the firmness of the Love Channel, the small size of the foot sole, and so on. We hope our review can help you, and we thank Zelex for providing the doll for this review. We sincerely thank Join1972 for the information provided, your detailed review, and your contribution to the Companion Doll Lovers community.

What is your assessment of the Zelex 170cm featured in this review? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. I’m Marvel. Thanks for reading and your support of Coeros! I’ll see you in the next episode!

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